Departing from Puerto Rico for Spring Break? Here are some things you should know!

Just like going to the doctor can cause “white coat syndrome,” traveling can be stressful, and so can navigating the airport. An informed passenger flies better and happier. At SJU, we are prepared for #SpringBreak, one of the busiest times for travelers. To make your life easier, we have prepared a recommendation list so you can travel safer and stressless:

Preparing in advance is KEY

[Aka, “Don’t procrastinate!] Consult with your airline about weights, sizes, and the number of bags permitted aboard. You should prepare your luggage two days in advance, check-in online, and check the boarding pass to know what boarding gate is yours.

Arrive three hours before

Don’t run through the airport! During high season, we recommend that you arrive three hours before. Set up all your alarms!

Don’t forget your mask

Inside the airport and on flights, the CDC and TSA are extending security measures through April 18th. Check the official TSA page to keep you informed on the latest information.

Don’t forget the USDA checkpoint

If you are taking a domestic flight, you must go through a USDA inspection before you even check-in. These are located at the terminal entrances. For more information, please visit our SJU website. Travel with the correct documents To speed up the TSA process, you should have all your documents handy. These documents include a boarding pass (electronic or printed) and I.D. (a driving license or a Real ID). You will need a passport for all your family members 18yrs and older for international flights. Learn about all the valid forms of I.Ds. Learn about the Real I.D on the government website. Be ready for the TSA protocols To prevent any delays in your plans, follow these steps for a smooth trip. Remove anything from your pockets, take off your coat and/or jacket and your shoes, and put your phone, laptop, tablets, and other electronic devices in the basket. Follow the instructions of the security officer. For more protocol information or what to do in special circumstances, please visit the TSA website. After check-in and going through the TSA, make sure to find your gate! Don’t be shy. Ask someone who works there where your gate is. You will probably have some time to kill, so why not get some food and souvenirs and buy whatever you might have missed, such as sunblock, toothbrushes, prepaid cards, phone chargers, and more! Have a safe and fun spring break!   Team SJU  📍Aeropuerto Internacional Luis Muñoz Marín