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    SPA Botánico Dorado


    Our priority is to offer our community of passengers the greatest variety of airlines to connect them with their destinations. Those who wish to operate in SJU must meet the following requirements:

    Insurance Requirements for Commercial Airlines

    Contribution Sheet

    Also and according to your needs, you must register one of the following:

    Airport Use Agreement

    Airline Operation Contract

    Limited Operating Permit

    General Aviation

    At SJU, we have two Fixed Base Operators (FBO) to serve General Aviation (GA) traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Both FBOs are located in the Central Sector of SJU, with access from José “Tony” Santana Avenue.

    Aeronautic Services

    At SJU, we have a variety of services to manage aeronautical operations.

    Fueling Line maintenance service
    Ramp services [For above and below the wing] Passenger service
    Air cargo services

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