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Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport Social Media Policy  


  • This page is for passengers, employees and visitors of the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. It is a public forum where users may post comments and content. Profanity, rudeness, racial slurs, political or commercial posts will be removed.

  • Each user is exclusively responsible for the consequences of its publication, in respect to its image and reputation.  

  • This social media space is a forum to share opinions and promote constructive debates about ideas. It should not be used to create conflict or disparage other users.

  • While participating in this forum you are authorizing Aerostar to reproduce your post in any media, virtually or physically. Aerostar, to the extent possible, will display your name as the author. 

  • Aerostar will not allow any advertising, using the space for own interest nor any profit or non-profit business promotion.  

  • Aerostar reserves the right of ownership and intellectual property of any design and logos posted in the social media profile. The user shall agree to respect them and not use them in any media platform without proper written authorization. However, downloading or copying content is solely authorized for personal and private use.

  • This forum will never ask its users any access code, password or personal information.

  • Aerostar reserves the right to delete any comment or content considered to be illegal, disrespectful, immoral, threatening, unfounded, slanderous, offensive or inappropriate that may cause harm or prejudice towards Aerostar, its employees, Puerto Rico Government including but not limited to executive agencies, public corporations, municipalities, legislature, judicial branch, airlines or any contractor, supplier, Aerostar clients or third parties.

  • Aerostar reserves the right to delete any comment that does not serve the purpose of this space or any publication about third parties posted without previous written authorization.

  • Aerostar is not responsible for opinions expressed in the social media forum. Therefore it does not accept liability regarding the accuracy or veracity on the user’s posts in our profile.

  • Aerostar is not responsible and shall not be liable for the content of external Internet pages, which may be reach from our forum, published by third parties.

  • Aerostar reserves the rights to modify, suspend, cancel or limit this profile content, links, or information obtained through it without previous notification.


Contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding these user’s rules for Social Media posting. Send us an email to [email protected]

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