Unified Certification Program

Unified Certification Program

The Unified Certification Program (UCP) is the entity responsible of certifying the applicant firms as DBE, ACDBE or both, in states or territories. In Puerto Rico, the UCP parties are:

1. Puerto Rico Ports Authority

2. Puerto Rico Highway and Transit Authority

3. Puerto Rico Metropolitan Bus Authority

4. Aerostar Airport Holdings, LLC.

AEROSTAR is exclusively responsible of evaluating the new certifications and reviewing the existing firms doing business and/or firms that have a formal offer to make business at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. The firms that do not qualify in any of these categories should contact the Authorities.

New Applications:

First time applicants for certification must complete and submit the certification application and related material and participate in an on-site interview conducted by the UCP in the business home state. Failure to submit the required documents, could result in a delayed and/or denied application.

Local business who qualify and are interested in applying for the certification, must file the following documents:

Interstate certification:

Firms already certified in their home state do not have to complete the application form again, but must provide to the Puerto Rico’s UCP copy of the following documents:

1. ACDBE/DBE certification

2. A complete copy of the application form, including all supporting documents, and any other information submitted in the home state or any other state

3. Notice or correspondence related to the DBE status in any state

4. Any certification appeal with the DOT providing the evidence of said appeal

5. Sworn affidavit signed by the Firm’s owners affirming; that the Firm submitted all the information required by 49 CFR 26.85(c) and the information is complete and, in the case of the information required by §26.85(c)(1), is an identical copy of the information summited to the Home State. If the on-site report supporting the certification is more than three years old as of the date of application, the affidavit must affirm that the facts in the report remain true and correct


The firms currently doing business and/or firms that have a formal offer to do business at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, must submit the documents at:

Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport
Civil Rights Office
Terminal D Ground Level
Carolina, PR  00979
(787) 289-7240 extension 2806

Business whose operation provide the sale of goods and services to the DBE program (infrastructure) as well to the ACDBE program (concessionaries) shall notify in their application its intention to be certified in both programs.
Once the business has been certified in one or both programs, it will be included in the Puerto Rico Directory which includes all the companies certified under the program. The Puerto Rico Highway and Transit Authority is the entity responsible for keeping the directory up to date.

Annual requirement to retain certification:

All companies certified as DBE, ACDBE or both, must annually submit a No-Change Affidavit with the documents supporting the size and gross receipts of the company. The documents will be reviewed for completeness and accuracy to determine whether changes has occurred, which may affect the status of the business as a bona fide DBE.

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