Agriculture – Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport

USDA: Get informed about the items you can bring

All the baggage of passengers traveling from Puerto Rico to the United States must go through the inspection process. This inspection will be performed by officials of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), located at the entrance of all the terminals thru the airport.

Some permitted articles
(after inspection)
Non-permitted articles
Avocado Crafts made from palm leaf
Cacao Sugar cane with knots and shell
Sugar Cane (no shell, no knots) Fresh fruits
Fresh/Dry flowers Plants with soil
Citrus (Oranges, Lemons, Grapefruit) Live insects
Strawberries Pigeon Peas
Beans (shelled / pod) Fresh Citrus Leaves
Mint Earth Snails
Banana (Fruit / Damp Leaf)  Pulpy seeds and / or nuts
Plantains (fruit / leaf cushioned) Cotton Seeds
Plants without soil

These lists are subject to change. For a complete list of items, please click here.

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